Guys as Maids -I Was Sold for 20 Grand-

author :

Manyo Asahi


Tota's father incurres a debt of $100k overnight, so he sells Tota (under the pretext of a month-long part-time job) for $20k. The job is full-on suspicious, and Tota is given a maid costume as soon as he arrives...! Despite feeling puzzled, he changes into the maid costume and is led to a room in which a young man is waiting for him. Saying it's a "sensitivity check", the young man starts groping Tota all over, but Tota has an unusually sensitive body...!


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author :

Manyo Asahi

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Japanese :

Maid in Danshi 200man de Urareta Ore

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Guys as Maids -I Was Sold for 20 Grand-

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February 08, 2023 (JST)
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