[Bundle] Billionaire Hero Selection vol.6

This bundle contains :"At the Billionaire's Bidding", "THE BRITISH BILLIONAIRE AFFAIR" and "Billion-Dollar Baby Bargain".
Atop a hill on the outskirts of town lies an adorable castle that has been the inspiration behind Caroline O'Donald's fairy-tale fantasies ever since she was a little girl. Now as an adult, she's put herself up for auction and, lo and behold, her beloved castle's prince is the winning bidder! Assuming the castle will be more magnificent in real life than it is in her dreams, she steps inside only to find that it's run-down and in need of a lot of love...much like its prince, the handsome recluse Gideon Tremayne!


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[Bundle] Billionaire Hero Selection vol.6

Pages: 405
Rent (48hrs) : $10.00

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artist : Kakuko ShinozakiYoko YokotaKaran Dan original novel : Myrna MackenzieSusanne JamesTessa Radley Publisher : Harlequin

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