[Bundle] Arrogant Hero Selection vol.4

This bundle contains :"The Prince's Royal Concubine", "DREAM WEDDING", and "Caribbean Desire".
"If it will save my country, then I shall give myself up to the devil." Antonella, princess to the small, economically wounded kingdom of Monteverde, is dining with some VIPs at a luxurious yacht party when a familiar voice reaches her ears. "A princess doing the work of a harlot?" The owner of this insult is none other than Cristiano, who reigns in the rival kingdom of Monterosso. Long ago, when their kingdoms were at peace, he had stolen her heart. Now he tells her that she is the only one that can save Monteverde from destruction, but in order for that to happen, he wants Antonella for himself.


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[Bundle] Arrogant Hero Selection vol.4

Pages: 388

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artist : Karin MiyamotoTomoko SatoTakane Yonetani original novel : Lynn Raye HarrisHelen BrooksCathy Williams Publisher : Harlequin

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