[Bundle] From Misunderstanding to Love vol.1

This bundle contains :"Traded to the Sheikh", "RULES OF THE GAME" and "MAGNATE'S MAKE-BELIEVE MISTRESS".
In order to meet up with her sister and her husband, who live in politically unstable Zimbabwe, Emily travels on her own to Zanzibar. Her biggest mistake is to accept the charming words of a French trader who offers her a free ride in a yacht in return for her services as a crew member. This man turns out to be a drug dealer, and after being exposed by the sheikh, the trader offers Emily as a gift! The sheikh thinks she is a prostitute, and her attempts to convince him otherwise fall on deaf ears. And now, she finds herself held captive in the luxurious palace...!


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[Bundle] From Misunderstanding to Love vol.1

Pages: 385
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artist : Megumi TodaHiroko FukuharaAyumu Aso original novel : Emma DarcyPenny JordanBronwyn Jameson Publisher : Harlequin

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