[Bundle] From Misunderstanding to Love vol.2

This bundle contains :"The Bride of Montefalco" and "NURSE IN A MILLION".
Ally's husband died in a car accident 4 months ago with an unknown woman in the passenger seat. The woman is soon identified as the wife of a well-known Italian duke. Not knowing what to do with her grief, Ally flies to Rome in the hope of meeting the woman's widower and consoling each other over their loss... However, not only is she turned away by the security guards at the gate of the duke's mansion, she is abducted by a man named Gino, who throws her into a prison cell! What is going on...?


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[Bundle] From Misunderstanding to Love vol.2

Pages: 258
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artist : Kiriko HigashizatoMieko Tachibana original novel : Rebecca WintersJennifer Taylor Publisher : Harlequin

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