The Playboy's Proposition The Medici Men II

Bella would do anything to help her aunt who lost her chain of spas after falling ill. However, things were not going well for Bella, either. She had lost her fiance and was feeling alone and troubled. So when she met Michael at the bar where she worked, she ended up having a one-night stand with him in an attempt to fill the emptiness they both felt. Their relationship was supposed to last for just one night, but then Bella found out that Michael was the one who bought her aunt's business. Michael was, however, willing to make Bella a proposal: if she will be his lover for one year, he will return one of her aunt's spas!


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The Playboy's Proposition the Medici Men II

Pages: 128
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artist : Hiromi Ogata original novel : Leanne Banks Publisher : Harlequin Series : The Medici Men- 2 -

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