A Daughter's Dilemma

After years of illness and suffering, Carolyn's mother is going to be remarried...and her husband is secretly having a gorgeous mansion built for her as a present! He asks Carolyn to make sure the interior design goes off without a hitch before the honeymoon is over, but when she hears the name of the architect in charge of the project, her breath catches. It's Bahn Slater, a well-known architect...and the man who broke her mother's heart ten years ago! He was to blame for Carolyn's mother's nervous breakdown in the first place. Carolyn can't let her mother see him, no matter what. There's just one problem... As soon as she lays eyes on Bahn, Carolyn finds herself falling for him!


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A Daughter's Dilemma

Pages: 144
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Rie Nakamura original novel : Miranda Lee Publisher : Harlequin

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