[Bundle] Greek Hero Selection vol.8

This bundle contains : Playing the Greek's Game, Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon, and The Greek's Chosen Wife.
Finally overcoming the hurt she experienced from her previous marriage, Emma is now a successful interior designer. However, she suddenly comes under suspicion from Zack, the older brother of her friend who introduced her to the job. "Did you get that job by sleeping with my little brother?" He knows that Emma's previous husband was a famous musician who died from a drug overdose, and he fears that his brother is her next target. "I won't be fooled... Under that frightened disguise of yours lies a wicked monster!" says Zack in an angry tone as he approaches Emma...


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[Bundle] Greek Hero Selection vol.8

Pages: 401
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artist : Migiwa NakaharaHaruhi SakuraNatsu Momose original novel : Sharon KendrickKim LawrenceLynne Graham Publisher : Harlequin

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