[Bundle] Wealthy Socialite Selection Vol.3

This bundle contains : Billionaire Bachelors: Stone, Undone by Her Tender Touch, and The Brazilian Millionaire's Love-Child.
After her father's death, Faith's guardian, Stone, has been paying for her school fees and living costs without her knowledge. "He was always the person I went to when I had problems...But he's only looking after her as her guardian. I can't let him pay for me any longer!" So Faith quits school and begins to work to repay her debt to Stone. Unable to persuade her to change her mind, Stone offers her a proposition..."In return for writing off your debt, will you marry me?" Stone tells Faith that his mother will not hand over her company to him until he is married. A proposal from a man she loves...but it's all just a business deal!


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[Bundle] Wealthy Socialite Selection Vol.3

Pages: 389

Rent (48hrs) : $10.00

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artist : Esu ChiharaNanao HidakaAtsuko Nakamura original novel : Anne Marie WinstonMaya BanksAnne Mather Publisher : Harlequin

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