[Bundle] One Night Love Affair Vol.5

This bundle contains : "ARGENTINIAN PLAYBOY, UNEXPECTED LOVE-CHILD", "The Millionaire's Pregnant Mistress", and "THE SHEIKH'S ENGLISH BRIDE".
Rachel works at a stable but dreams of joining the British Equestrian Team and competing in the Olympics. One day, while practicing her jumps, she falls off her horse and into the arms of Diego Ortega. Not only is he a legendary polo player, come to train horses, he's also filthy rich. She refuses to fall for him, what with his reputation for being a playboy, but she eventually succumbs to his temptation and spends a night with him. It's the start of a dazzling summer together. But little does Rachel know that she'll eventually have to leave him, while pregnant with his child!


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[Bundle] One Night Love Affair Vol.5

Pages: 385
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artist : Kei KusunokiHitomi TsukiseNanao Hidaka original novel : Chantelle ShawMichelle CelmerSharon Kendrick Publisher : Harlequin

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