[Bundle] Possessive Hero Selection vol.1

This bundle contains : GIORDANNI'S PROPOSAL, THE PLAYBOY SHEIKH, and The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Mistress.
Beth's stepbrother drags her to a party where she meets Italian billionaire Dexter Giordanni and falls in love at first sight. Dex has built a business empire in only ten years, and he's flawlessly attractive... How could a man like that be interested in plain old Beth? Though she has her doubts, Beth finds herself entwined by his straightforward confession of love and a possessive kiss. After spending an intimate week together, Beth happily accepts his proposal. But in the shadows, Dex is wearing a bold sneer. His gaze is like that of a predator that has captured its prey, and there is a dangerous truth hidden in the depths of his eyes.


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[Bundle] Possessive Hero Selection vol.1

Pages: 401
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artist : Erio HoriSoraha HimuraKanako Uesugi original novel : Jacqueline BairdAlexandra SellersLynne Graham Publisher : Harlequin

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