[Bundle] Arrogant Hero Selection vol.7

This bundle contains : THE SEDUCTION BUSINESS, SLAVE TO LOVE, and Unwordly Secretary, Untamed Greek.
"Sleep with Matt Hearne." The sudden order from her boss, well-known for his arrogant management style, confuses Bianca, who works as his sidekick. Matt is the president of a competing company that Bianca's boss wants to buy out. Despite the rumor that Bianca sleeps with her boss, she has never used her body as leverage before. Yet despite her determination to keep to her principles, Bianca finds herself attracted to Matt's manly, confident charm. How will she hold out when Matt turns his seductive charisma on her!


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[Bundle] Arrogant Hero Selection vol.7

Pages: 401
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artist : Marito AiMiwa TachikiKyoko Mizutani original novel : Charlotte LambMichelle ReidKim Lawrence Publisher : Harlequin

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