[Bundle] Artist:Mio Natsuki Best Selection Vol.1

This bundle contains : The Duke's New Year's Resolution, THE HOT-BLOODED GROOM, and DR. CHARMING.
While visiting the Amalfi coast, travel consultant Sabrina is almost run over by a stately luxury car. She manages to avoid its path, but ends up injured nonetheless. The owner of the car is Marco, who is not only a doctor, but a duke. Since Sabrina can barely walk, he invites her to recover at his home. Though hesitant, Sabrina accompanies him to his villa...but something isn't right. His servants are giving her the strangest looks...as if they've seen a ghost!


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[Bundle] Artist:Mio Natsuki Best Selection Vol.1

Pages: 387
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artist : Mio Natsuki original novel : Merline LovelaceEmma DarcyJudith Mcwilliams Publisher : Harlequin

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