[Bundle] First Love Vol.1

This bundle contains :"No Regrets","THE BRIDESMAID'S BET",and "Love Me True".It is May 1949. Claire Winters falls in love at first sight with a sudden visitor?a handsome, dark-haired man. Jack Murphy is a close friend to Claire's brother, Dennis, who died in the war. However, Claire is already in courtship with a man whom her parents have decided for her?Harlan, who is set to take after his father's banking business. "I can't bear to marry without knowing what love is. Mama, I'm sorry. I want to be with this man, at least until he leaves this town." Here begins the first part of a trilogy chronicling a time-transcending romance!


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[Bundle] First Love Vol.1

Pages: 400
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artist : Mayu TakayamaYoshiko HanatsuJET original novel : Candace CampChristie RidgwayAnn Major Publisher : Harlequin

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