[Bundle] Romantic Suspence Vol.2

This bundle contains : COLTON'S SECRET SERVICE,The Man, the Ring, the Wedding and A Bride Worth Waiting for
Suspected of committing a crime of which she has no recollection, Georgie is speechless. She claims innocence, but no one believes her, and she suddenly finds herself living under the surveillance of an attractive yet arrogant Secret Service agent. His cold gaze follows her everywhere and doesn't miss a single move, yet inexplicably Georgie also senses passion in his eyes. She's afraid of an unknown enemy and intimidated by her strong and handsome government shadow.Can there be love between twopeople in such extreme circumstances?

(c)Harumo Sanazaki/PATRICIA WRIGHT

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[Bundle] Romantic Suspence Vol.2

Pages: 385

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artist : Karin MiyamotoHarumo SanazakiMarito Ai original novel : Marie FerrarellaPatricia ThayerCaroline Anderson Publisher : Harlequin

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