The Earl's Secret/The Pirate's Kiss

The Earl's Secret-Jennifer has fallen deeply in love with an earl she met while at his castle in Scotland. The two of them have gotten close to one another very quickly, sharing a heated romance. However, even after they are bound together, the earl's cold words deeply injure her. The Pirate's Kiss-Lucinda has left behind the memories of her youthful past and become a sensible governess to a young woman. But one night, she sees something unbelievable in the garden-her former fiance, Daniel de Lancey, who abandoned her to become a pirate.


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The Earl's Secret/The Pirate's Kiss

Pages: 160

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Makiko Harada original novel : Kathryn JensenNicola Cornick Publisher : Harlequin

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