[Bundle] Italian love Selection

This bundle contains : Wife: Bought and Paid for, BLACKMAILED FOR HER BABY, and PREGNANCY OF REVENGE.
Lady Penelope "Penny" Haversham has a career going as a model...until Solo Maffeiano buys his way into her life. It's either marry him or watch him sell off her precious Haversham Park. It's a sticky situation, but Penny will do what it takes to save the estate...until she finds out that her sham of a marriage just isn?t worth it. Can Penny tolerate a man who keeps a mistress and just wants her for show?

(c)MAOKO NAGASAKI/Jacqueline Baird

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[Bundle] Italian love Selection

Pages: 390

Rent (48hrs) : $10.00

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artist : Maoko NagasakiYoko YokotaJun Makimura original novel : Jacqueline BairdElizabeth Power Publisher : Harlequin

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