[Bundle] Boss Hero Selection vol.9

This bundle contains : THE PLAYBOY BOSS'S CHOSEN BRIDE, THE BOSS'S BABY, and The Boss's Mistress.
Mel Rossi is the newest hire at Signature Sounds, the hottest tech start-up in the ringtone world. Her boss, Jake Devila, treats life like a game of cards, and he makes Mel shuffle her wardrobe to better fit the company's image. Time passes, and the pairstruggle to ignore their growing feelings for one another. When Mel becomes a birthday surprise for Jake's grandfather, the deck is shuffled on Jake. Can an octogenarian and a secretary help turn Jake's life into a winning hand, or will Mel fold on their future together?


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[Bundle] Boss Hero Selection vol.9

Pages: 389
Rent (48hrs) : $10.00

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artist : Hitomi TsukiseJETMotoyo Fujiwara original novel : Emma DarcyMiranda LeeKathryn Ross Publisher : Harlequin

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