[Bundle] Romantic Suspence Vol.6

This bundle contains : KIDNAPPED!, My Private Detective and THE UNKNOWN WOMAN
Tate, the only daughter of a multi-millionaire, has already been kidnapped twice in the past, and it has causing a deep wound on her heartscarred her mind. Her therapist proposes a rather unconventional treatment-a "fake kidnapping". If she re-experiences the kidnapping in a controlled environment, it could help her get over her past trauma. The idea scares her, but her bodyguard, Michael, the man she's secretly in love with, will be with her the whole time. Tate resolves herself to do it. However, a kidnapper in disguise overtakes her takes advantage of the situation, and she's separated from Michael. She awakes to find herself in an unfamiliar surroundings. Is this part of the therapy or could this be a real kidnapping after all? Oh, no! Save her, Michael!


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[Bundle] Romantic Suspence Vol.6

Pages: 405
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artist : Kazumi TojoMotoko MoriMasako Sone original novel : Jo LeighRebecca WintersLaurie Paige Publisher : Harlequin

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