This bundle contains : THE GREEK'S CHRISTMAS BABY, BLIND OBSESSION, and Enticed by His Forgotten Lover
Standing outside the office of blind novelist Saul Cresswell, Autumn silently prays for the courage to knock on his door. Four years ago, it was her young love that stole his sight. Racked with guilt, Autumn disappeared from Saul's life. However, wanting nothing more than to be his strength, she returns under the fake name Elizabeth to work as his aide. As she watches Saul gallantly overcome the obstacles that plague his life, Autumn's youthful affection swells into ardent love...

(c)Yuri Takagi/LEE WILKINSON


Classic_Romance_MangaClassic_Romance-LatinFate/DestinyMillionaires/BillionairesBundleUpgrade Full Volume/Tankobon

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[Bundle] Touching Love Story Vol.2

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