[Bundle] Kazuko Fujita Best Selection Vol.3

This bundle contains : Raintree: Sanctuary, His Virgin Mistress, and The Billionaire's Bride of Convenience.
Mercy Raintree, princess of the Raintrees, has a surprise visitor: Judah Ansara, heir to the Ansara clan! She claims he's an old flame and a faint memory, but how can she forget him when they share a daughter? As the war between the Ansara and the Raintree comes to head, Mercy must take up her clan's fabled sword and fight for a future her daughter can proudly live in! Is Judah truly a man worth trusting? Can their daughter, who shares the blood of both clans, be the key to ending the conflict? Don't miss this exciting conclusion of the Raintree miniseries!


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[Bundle] Kazuko Fujita Best Selection Vol.3

Pages: 416
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artist : Kazuko Fujita original novel : Beverly BartonAnne MatherMiranda Lee Publisher : Harlequin

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