[Bundle] Artist:Takako Hashimoto Best Selection Vol.3

This bundle contains : Bachelor Mom, My Only Love, My Only Hate, and KIDS + COPS = CHAOS.
"I want to live on the wild side for once!" On her thirtieth birthday, Gwen turns to rum to drown her sorrows. Her husband has left her, and though her life revolves around raising her two children, it feels empty lately. What has she accomplished in her life? Her neighbor Spense happens to overhear her drunken mumbling and gives her another birthday present-a hot birthday kiss that awakens a storm in Gwen's heart! But hunky Spense is a successful entrepreneur, and Gwen's a plain Jane. She knows the kiss was only a joke, yet she's starting to have feelings for him...


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[Bundle] Artist:Takako Hashimoto Best Selection Vol.3

Pages: 385
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artist : Takako Hashimoto original novel : Jennifer GreeneLucy GordonJennifer Labrecque Publisher : Harlequin

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