Bossy Bottoms on Top! 2

author :

Yahilo Caji


Kaede and Yoshitaka are back! In the four years since they got together, Kaede has become an adult video director and sex toy developer. Any hopes Yoshitaka had of Kaede growing mellower with age have been dashed: if anything, Kaede's libido seems to be increasing! Yoshitaka's sharp tongue and... "staying power" have improved. Having graduated college, the two lovebirds get ready to start their lives together in their new home... but a new development turns everything on its head! Get ready for the second installment featuring our favorite odd couple: the too-nice, long-suffering Yoshitaka, and the hyperactive, lusty Kaede!


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author :

Yahilo Caji

publisher :

ShuCream POP

Series :

Bossy Bottoms on Top!- 2 -

Rating :


Japanese :

Bitch na Anoko no Yuutouri 2

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Bossy Bottoms on Top! 2 (1)

Pages: 30

Bossy Bottoms on Top! 2 (2)

Pages: 33

Bossy Bottoms on Top! 2 (3)

Pages: 34

Bossy Bottoms on Top! 2 (4)

Pages: 38

Bossy Bottoms on Top! 2 (5)

Pages: 36

Bossy Bottoms on Top! 2 (6)

Pages: 41

Bossy Bottoms on Top! 2 (7)

Pages: 21

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