Bartered Bride

Charlotte is about to be married to a British marquis she's never even met before. When her father's gambling habits caught up with him, he offered the hand of Clarice, Charlotte's twin sister, to pay off his debt to the marquis. There's just one problem-Clarice has gone missing! So Charlotte ends up disguising herself as her twin sister to become the infamous old lecher's bride in her place. She can't believe her misfortune...until she meets him face-to-face and learns he's nothing like she'd imagined. He's young-and shockingly handsome. But his eyes are full of contempt for Charlotte and his words are full of scorn. It's true their marriage was born of obligation, but why is the marquis so cruel to her?


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Bartered Bride

Pages: 128
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artist : Riho Sachimi original novel : Anne Herries Publisher : Harlequin

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