The Baby Project Babies in the Boardroom I

Whitney has shut up her heart-her past has taught her to be wary of family entanglements. But after the death of Whitney's best friend and her husband in a car accident, Whitney gains partial custody of the baby they left behind. The child's other guardian is Darius, the baby's elder brother by many years. Whitney will be raising the baby at Darius's mansion, where she'll have to put up with this handsome but arrogant CEO of a global shipping company. There she finds that, despite having abandoned the idea of love, she can't help but be drawn to Darius's gaze. Will her willful heart be her undoing?


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The Baby Project Babies in the Boardroom I

Pages: 129
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artist : Keiko Kishimoto original novel : Susan Meier Publisher : Harlequin Series : Babies in the Boardroom- 1 -

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