The Greek's Forbidden Bride

Abby was visiting her boss's family villa in Greece while pretending to be his fiancee. Michael's family welcomed Abby and were overjoyed because it was the first time he had ever brought a woman home. Everyone, that is, except Michael's elder brother, Theo, a man with a monopoly on the maritime transportation business. Theo openly commented on their engagement, calling it too sudden, and he suspected Abby of going after Michael's inheritance. Since Abby couldn't reveal the true nature of their engagement, she remained quiet and endured Theo's overbearing interrogations. But she was also beginning to lose her composure in the face of his overwhelming charms...


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The Greek's Forbidden Bride

Pages: 130

Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Maoko Nagasaki original novel : Cathy Williams Publisher : Harlequin

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