Mistress to the Merciless Millionaire

Kate is an international model, and she's agreed to auction off a kiss for charity. The price keeps going up, and the final bid is...eighty thousand dollars! The bidder is venture capital giant Tiarnan Quinn, an old friend of Kate's and her first love. Ten years ago, she told him how she felt about him, and his rejection was cold and humiliating. He's just as intense and haughty as ever, but overflowing with the kind of charm that instantly captivates women. He invites Kate to go to an island in the Caribbean with him... What is he doing? Kate knows it's risky to go along with his ploy, but she wants to get some closure for her youthful heartbreak, so she decides to go along with it.


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Pages: 129

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artist : Kanoko Yamamoto original novel : Abby Green Publisher : Harlequin

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