The Right Choice

The plan is for Georgia, an English teacher, to work as a home tutor during her summer vacation in Tuscany, where her honeymooning sister and brother-in-law are staying, too. On the plane, she meets a handsome Italian man who tries to strike up an intimate conversation with Georgia. Her heart flutters, but later that night when she sees him again at the hotel, he directs a sharp stare at her. He was really kind to her that afternoon, so why has he changed his tune? It turns out that this man is actually a famous former F-1 racer named Gianluca Valori and his niece is the student Georgia is teaching! To top things off, he's now convinced she's having an affair with her brother-in-law!


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The Right Choice

Pages: 129
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artist : Kyoko Fumizuki original novel : Catherine George Publisher : Harlequin

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