Dark Apollo

On the island of Corfu, Camilla visited the tyrannical Nic-the man who stood in the way of her sister's relationship with his brother, the man who'd impregnated her. While Camilla couldn't help but be fascinated by Nic's magnetism and Greek-god good looks, he accused her of being a gold digger and sent her away from the house. Her sister's boyfriend was his younger brother, Spiro. The jaded Nic knew that their love wouldn't last, so he refused to accept their relationship. When Camilla once again went to ask Nic to let her sister, Kate, meet with her boyfriend, what she received instead was a humiliating and numbingly sweet kiss.


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Dark Apollo

Pages: 129
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artist : Rika Kawashima original novel : Sara Craven Publisher : Harlequin

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