Woman Without a Name

Celie has been running for the past four years, traveling throughout Europe, disguising her appearance and using fake names. She's running away from the people who are after her and the large fortune she is the sole inheritor of. A sudden visitor to the cafe she works at sends chills down her spine. She knows this man...He's followed her before! With his sharp outfit and stunning face, he doesn't look like a killer, but she can't completely rule it out. She rushes back home, changes her appearance and heads toward the train station. But as she gets on the train she is suddenly approached by a stranger. It's the handsome man from the cafe. Are her days of running over?


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Woman Without a Name

Pages: 145
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Kayono Saeki original novel : Emilie Richards Publisher : Harlequin

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