Hug Me, Holly!

Holly moved to this small town to run the cafe at her parents' request. But after a series of mishaps, she loses some customers. Her goal is to show her parents that she's grown up, that she more than a pretty face-she just can't let herself mess up again! Everyone's avoiding her, but Riley, the sexy sheriff, is willing to talk to her even though she's the type of girl he dislikes most-a city girl. Holly and Riley keep butting heads, but that doesn't keep them from being drawn to each other. But after finding out she's not his type, her heart begins to twinge. Is there any future for this city girl and her country boy?


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Hug Me, Holly!

Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Mayumi Tanabe original novel : Jill Shalvis Publisher : Harlequin

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