The Rogue's Disgraced Lady

To mark her return to society more than a year and a half after the death of her husband, Juliet is invited to a ball at her friend's house. But all she is met with are cold stares, and she ends up regretting that she came. A rumor has been going around that she killed her husband, and people are calling her the Black Widow behind her back! Then a young man calls out to her at the ball, taking her under his wing. He's Sebastian St. Claire, the youngest son of a powerful noble what would he want with her? Does he think that because she's a widow, he can have whatever he wants from her?


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The Rogue's Disgraced Lady 1

Pages: 123
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The Rogue's Disgraced Lady 2

Pages: 129
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artist : Chieko Hara original novel : Carole Mortimer Publisher : Harlequin

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