If the Dog Doesn't Know How to Stay: Continued

Our favorite pairing of the dog-phobic, gloomy but demanding Kou and the gutsy Hijiri returns! After coming back from working overseas, Kou visits Hijiri's house for the first time ever. It's their first chance in years to finally spend time together as a couple and get up to all kinds of naughty things... Or so Kou had thought! Instead, an unusually drunk Hijiri suddenly tells Kou to pretend to be a dog...!! Can Kou really keep up with this "doggy play"? And will he know how to "stay"...!?


If the Dog Doesn't Know How to Stay: Continued

After Kou comes back from the U.S., he and Hijiri enjoy their first couple-time together in years! ...And they spend it doing doggy play!? This is a sweet bonus sequel to the series "If the Dog Doesn't Know How to Stay"![28pages]
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author : Mawo Aoyama publisher : SHU-CREAM POP Series : If the Dog Doesn't Know How to Stay- 2 - Zoku Mate wo Shiranai Inu Naraba

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