The Girl of His Dreams Playing by the Greek's Rules I

You know that saccharine-sweet sitcom from a decade ago with the little girl played by triplets? While everything was nicely tied up at the end of every episode, the series ended abruptly. The truth of the matter is that Kayla, one of the three girls, was injured in a car accident. Her sisters refused to continue without her, the show ended and her parents divorced! Still, all that hard work paid well, and the triplets are set to get access to their trust funds on their twenty-fifth birthday! Kayla's twenty-four now and helps out a veterinarian clinic to make ends meet as she waits on her trust fund to whisk her off to Paris and into the arms of the knight she's dreamed of since she was a child. Her best friend, neighbor and boss, Patrick, will continue on without her...or will he? They've been buddies for years, but Kayla may end up realizing that her handsome prince isn't waiting overseas, that he might be right down the street taking care of animals. Is this just puppy love or is he really the cat's meow?


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The Girl of His Dreams Playing by the Greek's Rules I

Pages: 129
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artist : Sae Nanahoshi original novel : Susan Mallery Publisher : Harlequin Series : Playing by the Greek's Rules

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