Mistress & A Million Dollars

Super model Briana has debts thanks to her ex-boyfriend who convinced her in making bad investments. Just as she thought her situation couldn't get any more complicated, she is taken aback by the the random rude offer given to her by the handsome lawyer, Jarrod. I want to bed you? He decided that I'm a light-skirt and looks down on me. I can't stand this anymore. Lead by her anger, Briana says she'll be his lover for one million dollars. To her surprise, he readily accepts her conditions. If she just bears with him for one month, she can pay back her debts... She mentally prepares herself for the ridicule she is to face after she gives him her body. But, he caresses her so gently and almost lovingly...But why?


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Mistress & A Million Dollars

Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Tsukushi Ogura original novel : Maxine Sullivan Publisher : Harlequin Series : Blackstone Diamonds

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