My Fickle Jaguar

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Sojun Shiina's as fickle as a cat. He only comes to Arata when he wants to. Arata knows that, yet can't help but reach out his hand... After three months away, Sojun, a famed guitarist, returns to Arata, editor of a well-regarded music magazine. Despite his talent, Sojun has cut himself off from the Japanese music scene. Unable to settle down, he bounces back and forth between countries, often leaving his longtime lover Arata behind. Arata knows that about Sojun, but can't help wishing he'd come back for good, to stay by his side, hold him and make love with him... The adult love between these two men flickers between Arata's admiration for Sojun's immense talent, his sense of inferiority, and the freedom and possessiveness that comes from affection.


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My Fickle Jaguar- 1 -

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Kimagure na Jaguar

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