Project: Runaway Bride

Juliet Zaccaro is getting a double dose of reality all in one day: she's found out she's pregnant on her wedding day. The problem is she doesn't love the man she's marrying, nor is the child his! When she leaves the groom at the altar, her sisters talk to an investigator they know from an ongoing fashion fraud case: Reid McCormack of McCormack Private Investigations. Reid will have no problem tracking down Juliet...since he's been seeing her! Spurned during a previous attempt at marriage, Reid has considered the possibility that he may just not be marriage material, but with Juliet just as conflicted about her own marriage potential, the two might find that they have a good reason to stay together: after all, the kid is his! Is that enough for two people to fall in love, or do Juliet and Reid need more than a child before they can walk down the aisle?


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Project: Runaway Bride

Pages: 129
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Mao Karino original novel : Heidi Betts Publisher : Harlequin

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