The Bridal Chase

After Roxanne decides to pitch in at her older sister's private investigation agency, a beautiful woman named Heather storms in and asks her to investigate her fiance to make sure he isn't cheating. Roxanne arrives at a bar where Heather's sure she'll meet him, and sure enough, there he is-Cade, the man at the center of this mess. There's just one problem-Roxanne falls in love with him at first sight. He's gorgeous...and just her type. But there's no evidence he's been anything but faithful to Heather. When Roxanne tells Heather the results of her investigation, she's not satisfied-she's prepared to do what it takes to make Cade out to be the villain. Roxanne finds herself valiantly defending Cade's honor, her heart full of sympathy for the man...but sympathy's not all she feels for him.


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The Bridal Chase

Pages: 129
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artist : Ikuko Koda original novel : Darcy Maguire Publisher : Harlequin

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