When Ayaka was little, she loved to be around her neighbor Ryo, but the two grew apart. That is, until by chance an adult Ayaka finds herself assigned by a temp agency to work in the same office as him! Ryo has become a dashing young professional. Not only does he remember Ayaka, he's also quick to invite her out for lunch. Ayaka is ecstatic, but later that evening, when she's scrambling to finish a mountain of work, she trips over. When Ryo reaches out to catch her, their lips happen to brush...!


Mature_Romance_MangaChildhood_FriendsLocalized by Renta300pts-399pts

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author :

Yuri Tajima

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Japanese :

Himitsu no Yuugi

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Item List Current ch. 1 completed

A Secret Game

Pages: 68

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