One Night with the Sheikh

Maysa's heart throbs as she sees the man she once loved standing before her eyes again. He is Rafiq Mehedi, king of Bajul, a country of dunes. Fifteen years ago, they were hopelessly in love with one another, but the long-standing traditions of Bajul mandated that Rafiq marry another woman. So why has he come back to Maysa after all this time...? His shocking answer: he wants Maysa to give him a place to hide from the outside world! Maysa trembles with humiliation, certain Rafiq has come back to make her his mistress, but all it takes is one look in his eyes for her to know she loves him just as deeply as she did when they were first together...


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One Night with the Sheikh

Pages: 145
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artist : Kyoko Sagara original novel : Kristi Gold Publisher : Harlequin

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