I Need You

Sugaya meets Tagami at a bar he wanders into on the way home from work. Tagami introduces himself, and they become drinking buddies. Sugaya is shocked to hear the story of Tagami's wife's death. But, why does he feel there's a line he just can't cross?

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I Need You (Part 1)

Sugaya is starting to fall for Tagami, his straight drinking buddy. He knows they can never be more than friends, but then a surprise move from Tagami could change everything.[27pages]
Pages: 27
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I Need You (Part 2)

Sugaya is pleased to learn that Tagami loves him too, but why is Tagami saying they can't be together?[27pages]
Pages: 27
Rent (48hrs) : $

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author : Raw publisher : SHOBUNKAN I need you

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