The Forbidden Touch of Sanguardo

Celeste works at a modeling agency, and she avoids having men in her life. Her past has left her with some deep scars that she believes will scare off any man. But when she meets Rafael at a party and talks about the stars with him, she feels her heart move for the first time in ever so long. Rafael is a celebrity, though, so Celeste believes he'll forget about her as soon as they part ways. When she gets back home, however, her room is full of flowers. Thinking she needs to put some distance between herself and Rafael, she leaves on vacation, but he shows up there, too, with an alluring smile on his face.


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The Forbidden Touch of Sanguardo

Pages: 130
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

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artist : Mon Ito original novel : Julia James Publisher : Harlequin

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