The Temp and the Tycoon

Talie is starting work at a new company, but her good-natured personality makes her late on her first day. When she slides into the elevator, she falls in love with the man she meets there. Talie dreams of the day when she can meet him again, but to no avail. Then Talie is asked to be an interim secretary for the company president and accompany him on a business trip. The mysterious company president is rumored to be handsome but also coldhearted and arrogant. Though the business trip is full of worries and unknowns for Talie, she waits for the CEO at the airport, ready to depart. So she's quite surprised when she sees the man from the elevator approaching her!


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The Temp and the Tycoon

Pages: 130
Rent (48hrs) : $4.99

Buy : $6.99


artist : Ao Chimura original novel : Liz Fielding Publisher : Harlequin

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