Gonna Rock Your World

"He betrayed me..." Hiroki and Atsushi were in a band together and dreamed of making a major debut. However, Hiroki left Atsushi and debuted on his own! Atsushi was so hurt, he pushed himself on Hiroki...! They haven't seen each other since then, but one day they're unexpectedly reunited. Can they overcome the jealousy, guilt, and betrayal that ripped them apart and make amends...? This is a rollercoaster romance about two guys who just can't be honest with their feelings...!

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Gonna Rock Your World

Hiroki and Atsushi were meant to debut together, but Hiroki suddenly debuted on his own![30pages]
Pages: 30
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author : Chihaya Magase publisher : futurecomics Omae no Asoko ni Rockin 'on

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