A Deal at the Altar Marriage by Command II

Beatriz has never been anything but a supportive teacher of young children, always caring for them but never having any of her own. In fact, at twenty-four, this wallflower is a virgin. She's definitely not who the world would expect the rich and handsome Greek Sergios to marry, but when his current business-focused relationship falls through, Bea might be his best chance! Sergios has three children he takes care of, but a man of his stature in a demanding line of work can't always be there for them. Beatriz, with her teaching skills and loving mindset, would be a perfect caretaker, but she's not the blonde beauty that Sergios usually dates. Still, she could use some money to take care of her mother and may just have found the perfect job: wife for hire!


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A Deal at the Altar Marriage by Command II

Pages: 129

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artist : Ayumu Aso original novel : Lynne Graham Publisher : Harlequin Series : Marriage by Command- 2 -

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