The Mediterranean Prince's Captive Virgin The Mediterranean Princes

Leola's parents sent her to Illyria on vacation in the hopes that it would take her mind off losing her job and cheer her up. One night, unable to sleep, Leola decides to take a midnight stroll to clear her head. While on her walk, she is suddenly grabbed from behind by a strange man who drugs her. When she awakes a few days later, she realizes that the man who kidnapped her was Prince Nico Magnati, the brother of the ruler of Illyria. Unsure of what is happening, she demands that he tell her why he has kidnapped her, but all the prince will say is that she is in danger and that she must stay under his watch until everything is safe. Unhappy with her situation at first, Leola soon begins to grow fond of her captor. Before long a very important question arises-what will Leola do when the prince finally says she is free to leave?


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The Mediterranean Prince's Captive Virgin The Mediterranean Princes

Pages: 130

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artist : Toko Naose original novel : Robyn Donald Publisher : Harlequin Series : The Mediterranean Princes

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