His Thirty-Day Fiancee Rich Rugged & Royal II

When the three princes of San Rinaldo were stripped of their titles, they escaped to America, where they hid their identities and started successful careers. But Kate revealed the truth about these mysterious millionaires to the world through the photos that she took for a gossip magazine. Being a member of the paparazzi isn't exactly her dream job, but she needs the money to take care of her little sister. She sneaks into a party, hoping to get a major scoop on Prince Duarte, but she ends up trapped in his room and he finds her! Who knew that he'd respond with a passionate kiss? She's sure that he must hate her, yet he wants to make a deal-she can have her photos...if she pretends to be his fiancee!


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His Thirty-Day Fiancee Rich Rugged &Royal II

Pages: 129
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artist : Reiko Kishida original novel : Catherine Mann Publisher : Harlequin Series : Rich, Rugged & Royal- 2 -

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