Vampire, M.D. -At the Whim of a Sadistic Doctor-

author :

Maiko Mizuguchi


Yamori is known as a hot, arrogant, genius surgeon. He's popular with the ladies, but never has a girlfriend and tends to be fairly antisocial. Mahiro is curious about the mysterious surgeon, and witnesses his hidden bloodthirsty persona. Yamori then admits to being a vampire...! "Will you feed me?" he asks, with his fangs pressed to her throat. But instead of blood, he desires something else... He's forceful and rough, and he doesn't possess a shred of kindness, but Mahiro's body melts into the sweet ecstasy...


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author :

Maiko Mizuguchi

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Japanese :

Hakui no Vampire Do-S Ishi no Dorei ni Sarete

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Vampire, M.D. -At the Whim of a Sadistic Doctor-

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