Drawn into Dreams

Yoshifumi, an employee at a printing company, is dating the hottest actor around, Ichito Mochizuki. Due to Ichito's constant "Yoshifumi for life!" pestering and some forceful persuasion from his manager, Yoshifumi begrudgingly agrees to become Ichito's on-set assistant for a week. Meanwhile, a copy of Ichito's steamy hand-drawn manga "Loving Yoshifumi" goes missing... and into the hands of a co-star and male model who thinks of Ichito as more than a friend. How will he take the news...!? A rival appears in this story of a lazy movie star's loving pursuit of a printing company employee! Also includes the next installment of the printing shop veteran's fling with the apathetic talent manger!! In the bonus manga, Ichito's daydreams come to life...

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Drawn into Dreams

Printing company employee Yoshifumi is dating the popular actor Ichito Mochizuki. The lazy actor loves depicting his fantasies about Yoshifumi in amateur manga form![175pages]
Pages: 175
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author : Mariko Nekono publisher : HOUBUNSHA Co.,Ltd Series : Drawn into Love- 2 - Doujin ni Yume mite

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