From Fake to Forever Newlywed Games II

Two years ago, knowing nothing about each other's lives, Meredith and Jason had a passionate weekend affair in Las Vegas. They got married in a drunken haze, but neither of them realized their marriage was legally binding...and Meredith had no idea that the man she'd married was Jason Lynhurst, renowned entrepreneur and fashion executive! Now she's trying to get a divorce, but as news of their marriage spreads, Jason's new fiancee breaks up with him, crushing his hopes for a business deal. According to Jason, Meredith owes him he coldly demands that she infiltrate his competitor as a spy!


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From Fake to Forever Newlywed Games II

Pages: 129
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artist : Nami Akimoto original novel : Kat Cantrell Publisher : Harlequin Series : Newlywed Games- 2 -

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